Do all Lake Summerside residents currently pay a Residents Association Fee?
Yes, all residents and property owners in Lake Summerside have their title encumbered with the Summerside Residents Association Encumbrance.

Who collects the Residents Association fee?
The Residents Association fees are collected by the Summerside Residents Association.

How often are the Residents Association fees collected?
Members of the Summerside Residents Association are invoiced annually in January.

Where is the money collected from the Residents Association spent?
The funds are spent to administer and operate the amenities of the Summerside Residents Association, including the Lake Summerside, park, utilities, property taxes, insurance, salaries, programs administration, Christmas lighting, landscaping, maintaining open space in the community, etc. Audited financial statements are sent to every member prior to the Annual General Meeting.

What are the benefits to the residents of Lake summerside for paying the Residents Association fees?
Residents benefit, by having in their community, certain amenities and assets which, because of their unique nature, could not otherwise be provided, as the City would not normally accept responsibility for their maintenance. Other benefits include enhanced maintenance of City Blvds. Other communities who do not have a Residents Association set up by the developer have petitioned the City to collect additional taxes through local improvement bylaws to fund enhanced maintenance of open spaced owned by the City. There is also a fulltime Program Coordinator at Lake Summerside who is responsible to set-up programs and special events, which meet the needs of the SSRA members.

How is the Residents Association governed?
The SSRA is governed via bylaws and a Board of Directors.

Who elects the representatives for the Residents Association and when does that occur?
The Members of the association elect their Board of Directors annually at the Annual General Meeting. Brookfield Residential has retained the right to appoint a certain number of Directors to the Residents Association, as it is financially responsible for the viability and operation of the Residents Association until it is turned over to the Residents.

Are the residents of Lake Summerside able to guide the Residents Association in matters important to the residents?
The roles of the Residents Association are limited to matters affecting the operation of the association. Members can elect or defeat any Member standing for a Residents Association Directorship, and in that way guide the direction of the Association. Ultimately, the Association will be run entirely by the residents.

What is the difference between a Residents Association and a Community Association?
The Summerside Residents Association (SSRA) is a not-for-profit company that is professionally managed and operated.

In addition to the wide variety of recreational and event programming, we are responsible for maintenance of many of the community features, including the entry ways and boulevards (owned by the association,not private residences), the Lake Summerside facility as well as the and park amenities. Membership in the Residents Association is mandatory for residents and fees are collected annually by January 1.

Community Associations are volunteer organizations, established with support by the City, and are dependent upon sponsorship and fundraising in order to operate. Community Associations are known to be involved in organized minor sports such as soccer, baseball and hockey, as well as being the political voice of the community. Community Associations work with City Officials in establishing social policies, they are the voice of residents if playground zone areas are required, speed zone reductions are requested, issues arise regarding signage control and other potential community safety issues. Membership to the Community Association is voluntary and could involve members from several different communities.

Why do I need a membership card?
All residents over the age of 12 will be required to have a card for entry to the park and facility. Membership cards will also allow you to register for programs offered by the Summerside Residents Association.

Do I need to bring my SSRA membership card each time I come to Lake Summerside?
Yes, to gain access to the facility and the park you are required to swipe your membership card each time you come.

How do I get my membership card?
Come to the administration office during office hours and have your picture taken and card issued. Office hours are Monday to Friday 9 – 5 PM (closed on statutory holidays).

You must be a member in good standing with the Summerside Residents Association. If you are the registered owner of the property, you will need to have these items:
1. A copy of your Certificate of Title.
2. A piece of government issued photo ID.

Residents not on the Certificate of Title will need:

  1. A piece of government issued photo ID with name and Lake Summerside address or photo ID with government issued mail with name and new address.

Lake Summerside will need to see a copy of your Certificate of Title before issuing membership cards. If you have not yet received your Certificate of Title, another proof of purchase document will work temporarily for registration of property.

What is a Certificate of Title?
The Certificate of Title is a document that is issued to you by your lawyer when you purchase your home. It is a document that states who the registered owner of the property is.

These are public documents available for a small fee from a registry office or at Lake Summerside.

How do I get a membership card if I am a tenant or what does a homeowner need to do for their tenants access?

We need to hear from the owners first, they can fill in the Tenant Transfer form or email with new tenant information.

Once the SSRA office has heard from the owners, the tenants can come to the office to register with their rental agreement and their government issued photo ID.

If lake access is being shared between the owner and tenants, we will need to hear from the owners (via email is fine) that they have “roommates” and the roommates/tenant will need proof of residency and government issued photo ID to register at the office for membership cards.

Tenant Transfer Form

What if I lose my Membership Card?
If a membership card is lost, residents will be charged a $10.00 fee for replacement. Children under 12 will not be issued cards and are only allowed to use the facilities when accompanied by an adult.

Architecture Control Guidelines
Brookfield’s vision in Summerside is the creation of a spectacular lake community designed to enhance homeowner satisfaction through outdoor activities, healthier lifestyles and wholesome cultural and community interaction.

This vision is reflected through innovative architectural guidelines which enhance the setting  and spirit of Summerside with a seaside theme.

The intent of these guidelines is to direct proportions, architectural elements and materials of the neighbourhood to present an expression of harmony. Through consistent home quality, exterior styling and massing these architectural guides enrich and preserve the character of the community while permitting individuals to express unique preferences and tastes in their new home.

Architectural Guidelines