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Foot Traffic & Ice Fishing is OPEN!

LAND Hockey Rink & LAND Jellybean Rink OPEN as of Jan 28/2023

LAKE rinks CLOSED as of January 26/2023

Bring your membership card with you every time you visit us!

A reminder: NO hockey sticks and pucks on Pleasure Rinks & Loops

We’re open until 10pm EVERYDAY!

Tennis is CLOSED for the Winter Season

Entry park is closed for the winter

Tiger Trout – Catch & Release in effect permanently

Boats are closed for the season

Latest News

January 28, 2023

Ice Update: LAND Rinks, Foot Traffic, & Ice Fishing Jan 28/23

January 27, 2023

Ice Update: Rinks & Lake Closures Jan 27/23

January 26, 2023

Ice Update: Rinks CLOSED Jan 26/23

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