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Lake pleasure rink and loops are open- first come first served with a max. capacity of 20

Check out our new video ice update on our Facebook page SummersideResidentsAssociation

Park hours are 10 Am to 10 Pm. Pleasure skating on the jellybean and lake hockey rinks are open by ice reservations on our webpage, lakesummerside.ca. (If temperatures are above 0 degrees, restrictions could be in place on rink use to keep our surfaces in the best condition possible.)

Guest access will be temporarily suspended. The exception to the guest privilege suspension will be for those who live alone, and are the only ones registered on the property. Individuals meeting this criteria will be allowed to bring 1 guest into the park

Payments can now be made for the 2021 RA Fee. Online(your account connected to your property) and Telepay (780-784-1429) features have the $5 convenience fee waived this year!

Ice fishing is open. Be sure to check for large cracks and water on ice surfaces and contact us immediately. Check depth of augured holes, please leave ice if holes are not a min. of 6″ deep.

The SSRA is open with restrictions in place. Visit News for more information.

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