Hi, I am Lisa and my yoga journey began in drama class in high school. Our teacher incorporated movements throughout and at the end of every class was the relaxation (aka savasana) – My favorite!

In 2016, I gathered the courage to sign up for my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Sara Cueva at the Wellness Within. And in 2017, I became a certified 200-hour Lifestyle Meditation teacher taught by Mandy Trapp. This training was the glue that connected all my other training together. During my training, I discovered that I resonated with connecting movement with breath and with the power of stillness.

In 2019 I decided to go back to University to do a double major in Psychology and Religious Studies (focusing on Eastern Religions, Modern & History of Yoga and Meditation, and Sanksrit). By using my passion for being a teacher and a student my intention is to provide an all-rounded, safe experience.

Yoga and meditation connected to my heart and in my life’s peaks and valleys, it was there for me, sometimes in the background and sometimes right beside me. I aspire to show others how to find this connection.

To me, yoga and meditation  is a way of coming home, a way of connecting to my true self, and I am humbled by being able to help others peel back the layers so that they too can find inner peace and home.

I look forward to connecting with you, much love xo