April 13, 2023

Architectural and Landscape Requirements

Hello Residents,

The vision in Summerside is the creation of a spectacular lake community designed to enhance
homeowner satisfaction through outdoor activities, healthier lifestyles and wholesome cultural
and community interaction. We believe Lake Summerside is the best place to live a vibrant and
healthy lifestyle in our thriving ecosystem.

This vision is reflected through innovative architectural guidelines which enhance the
setting and spirit of Summerside with a seaside theme.

The intent of these guidelines is to direct proportions, architectural elements and materials of
the neighbourhood to present an expression of harmony. Through consistent home quality,
exterior styling and massing these architectural guides enrich and preserve the character of the
community while permitting individuals to express unique preferences and tastes in their new

We understand that residents may have their own personal preferences and ideas for their
homes, but it is essential to remember that we are all part of a community and must follow the
established guidelines to maintain the uniformity and attractiveness of our neighborhood.
We also understand that you may have inadvertently overlooked these requirements so we
kindly request that you familiarize yourself with SSRA’s Architectural and Landscape
Requirements which can be found on our website:


We look forward to seeing everyone at the Beach Club this summer and appreciate your
cooperation in this matter and in maintaining the quality and integrity of our beautiful