Thursday, June 24, 2021

Biologist Report

Hey Summerside!
Our Lake Plan for 2021 is up and running! We’ve already undertaken various lake management strategies and will continue to do so as they’ve been successful in maintaining our beautiful Summerside lake! Some examples of this are snail removal by divers, weed removal, and our Pooch Patrol Program which has decreased the bird traffic at the lake. Check out the newest video from our biologists at Aquality as they answer your lake questions:

If you missed the first video introducing our biologists at Aquality and our Lake Plan for 2021, check out the video here:

To keep the community informed, our ‘Ask Our Biologist’ program is ready for your questions. Submit your specific lake questions to us at anytime, and approximately every 2 weeks Aquality will answer them in a video! These videos will be available on our website and social media platforms for later viewings.

Got a question for our experts? Send your questions to You will receive confirmation of delivery and the question will be passed on to Aquality. For any basic inquiries, please contact our office at 780-497-7558

Click here for lastest video from our biologist at Aquality