May 15, 2023

Catch & Release is in effect until May 26, 2023

We have replenished the lake with some more gilled friends to help maintain the eco system!

For our first stock of the year, we added approximately 2000 trout into Lake Summerside! This includes Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, and Tiger Trout!

With this stocking, our catch and release policy with all fish, (with the exception of perch) is in effect starting now until May 26th. Tiger Trouts are a hybrid fish of Brook & Brown trout marking them easily distinguished from the other trout by their vibrant colours and unique markings.

Let’s give the fish a chance to adapt and grow before taking them home. Besides, they wont taste very good anyway.

A reminder that there are 2 designated fishing areas at the Beach Club – the fishing dock as well as the far cove near the beach volleyball courts. Additionally, the Fishing Agreement and Acknowledge form must be signed every year and prior to fishing (link in our Bio).