April 5, 2023

Flag Status – Red

Hi Summerside,

Please note that as of today April 5, 2023, due to thin ice conditions, our flags are now
flying RED. As indicated in the information about our flag system, which can be found on our website, RED flags mean the following:

Known increased risk of using the lake. Lake access is PROHIBITED for ALL USERS.
To find out the current status of the Lake at any time please visit www.lakesummerside.ca >
‘Flags’ > Current Status.

Please note that the details provided here are a summary of the official Rules & Regulations,
which have been recently adjusted to incorporate the Flag System. Please visit our website for
the full details. Full details can be found here: www.lakesummerside.ca > ‘About Us’ > Rules &

Stay tuned for any updates via our social media, website, and newsletter. For more information
about the Flag System please visit www.lakesummerside.ca > ‘Flags’ > Information.
If you have any questions, please call the office at 780-497-7558 or the gatehouse at 780-756-