March 15, 2024

Flag Status: RED lake CLOSED for the season

Hi Residents, 

As of March 15, 2024, our flags are now displaying RED due to the rising temperatures and potential thin ice conditions. Ice surfaces are now FULLY CLOSED for foot traffic and ice fishing.  Understanding the significance of our flag system is paramount for your safety. RED flags signify the following:

Known increased risk of using the lake. Lake access is PROHIBITED for ALL USERS. To check the current status of the lake at any time, please visit our website at, navigate to ‘Flags’, and select ‘Current Status’.

As the weather warms up, the ice near the shoreline will start to melt away. We’ve also seen standing water in some spots near the dock, which raises safety concerns. During the transition to spring, many factors affect how thick the ice is, like the type of water, where it’s located, and changes in the season. When spring thaw sets in, it’s crucial to stay safe by avoiding the ice. Even if it seems thick enough to walk on, the ice can weaken due to melting and refreezing, making it unsafe to use.

Please note that the information provided here serves as a summary of our official Rules & Regulations, which have been recently updated to include the Flag System. For a comprehensive understanding, we encourage you to visit our website at and explore the ‘About Us’ section for the complete set of rules and regulations.

Stay updated on any developments through our social media channels, website, and newsletter. For further inquiries or assistance, please contact our office at 780-497-7558 or the gatehouse at 780-756-6772.

Your safety remains our utmost priority. Thank you for your cooperation.