December 7, 2021

Great News!

Great news!  Starting Friday, December 10 the lake will be open for Ice Fishing!

Please remember to follow our rules and regulations for fishing. If you need a reminder or have yet to fill out your Acknowledgment Form, please check-in at the Gatehouse.

Though our Parks Team has been and will continue to monitor ice thickness, please remember ice safety can change quickly based on a variety of conditions. If you see any large cracks, standing water, or any holes larger than an auger would create, please immediately leave the ice and inform us at the SSRA.

Additionally, with the cooperation of the colder weather, our Parks Team has been putting extra hours in to have ice surfaces ready and open as soon as possible. We are targeting Monday as an opening date for some of these surfaces. More information on the opening of the ice surfaces will be released in the next few days.

With the opening of these recreation options, starting Monday, December 13th, the Park hours will now extend, and the Park will be open until 10 pm.