Thursday December 28, 2023

ICE UPDATE: Lake Ice Surfaces

Hey residents! Grab those hockey sticks, pucks and sharpened skates and head to the Beach Club because Lake Skating Surfaces are now OPEN today, December 28, 


ATTENTION: As we are currently averaging 12 inches of Ice we do require 13 inches to safely hold our grooming machines to prepare smooth surfaces thus lake skating surfaces are rough and are used at your own risk. ⚠️  A friendly reminder that hockey sticks or pucks are NOT PERMITTED on the Jellybean rink or Pleasure rink/loops.



❄️ Lake surfaces include: 


Foot Traffic ✅

Ice Fishing ✅

Land Based Pleasure (Jellybean) ✅

Lake Based Pleasure  ✅

Lake Hockey Rink 1 ✅

Lake Hockey Rink 2 ✅

Lake Hockey Rink 3 ✅ 

2 Small Pleasure Loops ✅ 
1 Medium Pleasure Loop ✅

Please note that in the event of a snowfall, our staff will work as quickly as possible to clear the surfaces! In cases where maintenance or snow removal must occur, we may have to ask you to move to another surface.

During any days where temperatures are above 0 degrees and our ice surfaces have the potential to get damaged due to warmer weather, restrictions could be in place on rink use to keep our surfaces in the best condition possible. The SSRA reserves the right to close rinks on short notice if deemed ice surfaces are not safe.

Head on down to the Beach Club and check out the great job our Parks Team has done this winter! We can’t wait to see you there!

For the current status of the rinks please call the Office 780-497-7558 or Gatehouse at 780-756-6772.