January 24, 2024

Lake Ice & Green Flag Update

Exciting Summerside! Thanks to the recent cold spell, our ice surfaces are averaging a solid 18 inches thick, and our dedicated Parks Team has been hard at work ensuring they’re as smooth as can be for your enjoyment. Get ready for a burst of excitement because GREEN flags are flying high!

As indicated in the information about our flag system, which can be found on our website, green flags mean the following: No known elevated risk of using the lake. There are always risks associated with lake use, but no additional or increased risks have been identified at this time.

Calling all fishing enthusiasts! Please abide by our rules and regulations. If you haven’t filled out your Acknowledgment Form, you can find it on our website under Reservations > Fishing Rules & Acknowledgment Form or by clicking the link in our bio.

Quick reminder: A friendly reminder that hockey pucks and sticks are NOT allowed on any Pleasure Rinks (Jellybean).

Warmer days won’t rain on our parade! If temperatures rise above 0 degrees and pose a threat to our ice surfaces, we might sprinkle some restrictions on rink use to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Heads up – the SSRA may close skating rinks on short notice if the ice surfaces aren’t deemed safe. Safety is our priority! Keep in mind that safety conditions can change rapidly, especially in warmer temperatures. Exercise extreme caution if you decide to venture onto the lake at this time. We’re diligently monitoring ice depth and will keep you updated. If you spot any large cracks or water on ice surfaces, reach out to us immediately.

Our park is your happy place, open until 10:00 pm every day. Stay tuned for updates on social media, our website, and newsletters. For more about the Flag System, check out www.lakesummerside.ca > ‘Flags’ > Information.

Find the full Rules & Regulations on our website at www.lakesummerside.ca > ‘About Us’ > Rules & Regulations. Big thanks for your patience! Questions? Call us at 780-497-7558.

To stay in the loop on rink status, call the Office at 780-497-7558 or the Gatehouse at 780-756-6772.