January 30, 2024


Hey Residents!

Get ready for some warm vibes coming your way this weekend! In an effort to keep our lake ice surfaces in tip-top shape,  ALL SKATING ICE SURFACES  will be TEMPORARILY CLOSED  starting today, January 30, 2024. But no worries – we’ve got our eyes on the rinks, and as soon as cooler weather swings by, we’ll be back in action! Refer to our website for details on our flag system – YELLOW flags signal a potential elevated risk on the lake. We urge you to check our website for updates on increased risk and to exercise caution during use.

Good news – recent ice measurements shout out that the lake is A-OK for foot traffic and ice fishing. But hey, the weather can be a bit unpredictable, right? So, play it safe, use extreme caution, and keep an eye out for any big cracks or water on the ice, especially with the warmer temps. If you spot water sneaking out of a crack, make a swift exit and give us a heads-up ASAP!

Stay tuned for updates as we navigate through this warm spell. Huge shoutout for your patience and understanding. And hey, even though we’re taking a break from the ice, swing by to soak up the warmth!  If you’ve got any questions or concerns, dial up the gatehouse at 780-756-6772.