January 19, 2022

Lake Update- Wednesday, January 19

Hi Lake Summerside

After completing ice measurements and inspection from our divers, we are able to safely re-open all areas of the lake. The recent rain, temperature changes, and snow accumulation have produced a situation where water has moved horizontally under the snow because of cracks and ice fishing holes. This has created 2 layers of ice, trapping water between those layers in spots. The first layer of ice is 2-3 inches which may result in you breaking through and getting your feet wet but not to be concerned as the second layer is 12+ inches.

The water movement under the snow has also affected the skating loops in a way that we can not currently maintain them with machines, thus they are temporarily closed. As you can see in the pictures, they have frozen unevenly in the past two days. In attempts to level the ice surface our machines break through the first layer of ice and get stuck in the water.