Thursday, December 16, 2021

Lake Skating and Hockey Surfaces

Hello residents,

We are happy to announce that our lake skating and hockey surfaces are set to open. Based on feedback from last year, where many preferred a booking system, the SSRA will have options for both hockey and skating that are both reservable and non-reservable.

We are also announcing that as these surfaces open, hockey gameplay will be allowed between different households during the activity, if those households desire, based on a recent discussion with public health authorities.  However, when not engaged in physical activity, including skating, distancing in all areas of the park must be maintained.

In order to balance the need to manage traffic flow within the park relating to the ability to physically distance, the different levels of comfort from the Residents, and the previously mentioned feedback we have received about enjoying being able to reserve time slots, our skating, and hockey offerings will include the following:  


–          Lake Pleasure Skating Area and Loop

–          NHL Sized Hockey Surface on the Lake


–          Land-Based Pleasure Skating Area (Jelly bean). Capacity of 40

–          Land-Based Hockey Rink. Capacity of 8

–          2 Reservable Lake Hockey Surfaces. The capacity of 8 each

*Please note that in the event of a snowfall, our staff will work as quickly as possible to clear the surfaces, however, the non-reserved sections will be a priority. In cases where maintenance or snow removal must occur we may have to ask you to move to another non-reservable surface.

The NHL-sized rink, Lake Pleasure Skating Surface and Loop, and 1 reservable Lake Hockey area will be open on Saturday, Dec 18. This is in addition to the land-based pleasure skating and hockey areas which are already open.  The 2nd reservable lake hockey surface will be open soon.

  • Bookings will be accepted on a first come – first serve basis.
  • Lake Hockey  Surface 1 & 2  will require reservation once they open for hockey-related activities only.
  • Hockey gameplay will be allowed between different households during the activity, if those households desire, based on recent discussion with public health authorities.
  • The NHL-sized hockey surface and the pleasure rink and mini loop on the lake will be for walk-up usage only, and no booking will be required. This area will be accessed on a first come first serve basis with maximum usage of 1 hour.
  • There is no capacity for each of these non-reservable surfaces. As per AHS distancing is not necessary to be maintained during physical activity. However, when not engaged in physical activity, including skating, distancing in all areas of the park must be maintained.
  • Each timeslot is 1 hour long, and each member of the household must be booked individually into the system

 In order to allow fair access to all residents, bookings will be limited to 1-time slot per day, per household.

  • Bookings will open up to 4 days in advance including the current day and the booking cut-off is 3 hours before the desired time. If less than 3 hours notice you can call the gatehouse for availability at 780-756-6772
  • Walk-ups will be allowed on a first come first serve basis ONLY if timeslots have not been filled, or there are no-shows. The exception to this will be on the lake pleasure skating area and NHL size rink, where access will be exclusively walk-up based at this time
  • To ensure that physically distancing can occur around our skating areas, please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your booking time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your reservation may be forfeited for other residents who are waiting as a walk-up

In consideration of other residents who may want to use skating surfaces, please contact the gatehouse at 780-756-6772 if you need to cancel your reservation. Repeated no-shows may result in restricting a household’s access into the park.
During any days where temperatures are above 0 degrees and our ice surfaces have the potential to get damaged due to warmer weather, restrictions could be in place on rink use to keep our surfaces in the best condition possible. The SSRA reserves the right to cancel bookings on short notice if deemed ice surfaces are not safe. Available booking slots are subject to change at any time. For the current status of the rinks please call the Gatehouse at 780-756-6772.
Due to the recent AHS guidelines, we are participating in the REP program for our indoor spaces. If you require access to indoor skate change and or washrooms, proof of vaccination photo ID for those 12 and older will be required. Outdoor space access will not require proof of documents, and outdoor portable washroom facilities and seating will be available.
1.    Visit our website
2.    Click on the ‘Ice Reservations’ tab
3.    From the link provided select your desired ice surface
4.    Choose the date and select a time
5.    Fill in your contact info. Please note that each MEMBER must be booked individually.
6.    You will receive a confirmation email. Please contact the office if you have further questions.