August 18, 2022

Lake Update-August 18, 2022

Hi Summerside!
Please see the following important information from the SSRA and our Biologists at Aquality.

After a summer of excellent water quality, Lake Summerside has had occurrences of what appears to be blue-green algae in the lake, likely due to warm temperatures experienced this summer. Thus, we will be flying the Flags on Yellow⚠️
As indicated in the information about our flag system, which can be found on our website, yellow flags mean the following:
Potential elevated risk of using the lake. The lake is OPEN, but please check the SSRA website prior to use for details regarding increased risk, and exercise caution and discretion prior to and/or during use.
We’ve had recent reports in shallow areas near lake access paths #1, #2, & #5. Please note that winds & water movement may change and affect other areas of the lake. We continue to work with our partners including Alberta Health Services on testing and the SSRA will release a rapid treatment plan in the coming days.

We thank you for your understanding. For more information on blue-green algae please check our website. > About Us > Community News > Learn More > Blue Green Algae Information

Blue Green Algae Information