September 18, 2020

Lake Weed Removal

Late Summer / Fall Weed Removal
Hello Summerside.
As mentioned in our previous statement from our biologists, which can be found here ( ),
we have seen an increase in weed growth this year, which has also created an unprecedented weed removal and lake maintenance response throughout the summer season. We are continuing this effort and will remove as much undesirable vegetation from the lake as possible between now, and when the lake freeze over occurs.
Starting as early as this weekend a team of contracted divers will be in the deeper water removing the undesired vegetation right from the bottom of the lake. Once the undesirable vegetation is removed, it will be directed to, and placed on the rock line for our staff to collect in the coming days. For any significant amounts of vegetation that may end up floating towards the center of the lake, our maintenance staff will work from our boat to remove them. For any smaller pieces of vegetation that may end up towards the middle of the lake, we will wait until it floats towards the shoreline where removal will occur. This differs from our busy season plan, where weeds were collected and removed as soon as they were cut. The reason for this change is because the water temperature has now dropped, and lake usage is now minimal. Though having vegetation placed on the rock and shoreline, with the potential to have some floating, isn’t as aesthetically appealing as it being removed and disposed of immediately, it will allow our divers to speed up their process and complete a full lake deep-water clean before the lake freeze begins.
Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to go through the vegetation removal process. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 780-497-7558.