March 19, 2021

Park Hours Update

Hello Residents!

Park hours will be changing to 10 AM to 8 PM starting on Monday, March 22, 2021.
 Even though our recent ice measurements indicate that the lake ice still remains safe for foot traffic and ice fishing. We want to be extra cautious as warm winds and sunny weather cause sudden changes in ice conditions and lake safety!
It is always each persons own responsibility for their safety in the park and on the lake.
So please always proceed with caution on any ice surface during Spring  as sudden changes can occur with the ice on any lake.
Look out for any large cracks and water on the ice. Ice weakness can happen at any time especially in warmer temperatures!
If you see water seeping, please leave do not go on the ice or leave immediately and inform our staff immediately.

Reminder to lake residents: Please remove any personal items that have been left on the lake ice before any melting occurs! If you have any questions or concerns, please call the gatehouse at 780-756-6772