December 18, 2020

Resident created rinks

Date: December 18, 2020
To: SSRA Residents
From: SSRA Management and Board of Directors
Re: Skating Areas Created by Residents on Lake Summerside

It has been common over previous years to see Residents who live Lake Front, or have Lake Access properties, clear off sections of the ice themselves to skate on. However, this season we have
seen an increase in both the number of, and size/ scope of skating surfaces on the lake that are not maintained by the SSRA. This is certainly understandable as individuals look for ways to enjoy recreation
safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We wanted to send this notice out to clarify some important information regarding these areas, and also provide some clear rules and regulations regarding these surfaces. Many of these rules are ones that have always applied to the lake, but we wanted to provide clarity on how they apply
specifically to skating areas that have been created by residents.

General Rules

  • Using the lake is done so at your own risk. Please remember that lake ice safety can change quickly, especially in times of higher temperatures. Please adhere to any warnings about thin ice, and if you see any large cracks or water on the ice surfaces please leave the lake and contact
    the SSRA immediately.
  • Please reference that map at the back of this document. The areas highlighted are the only skating areas that are maintained by the SSRA that have regular inspections, attention, and safety checks done.
  • No gas-powered equipment of any kind is allowed on the lake unless it is owned and operated by the SSRA.
  • The lake surface is for the use and enjoyment of all residents. With the exception of SSRA maintained skating and hockey surfaces, residents may choose to use all areas of the lake for their choice of recreation, as long as they are abiding by SSRA rules. There are no parts of the
    lake surface that are owned by, or for the private use of, individual residents. For clarity, you cannot eject anyone from any skating area you personally may create.
  • Cleared skating surfaces may not negatively affect other residents in any way, as determined by the SSRA.

  • Permanent and Semi- Permanent Structures
  • No permanent or semi-permanent structures are allowed on the lake unless approved by the SSRA.
  • A permanent or semi permanent structure is defined by the SSRA as one that cannot be moved off the lake immediately and easily. Examples of permanent/ semi permanent structures that are not permitted are posts frozen into the lake, wood frozen into the ice, or nets that are
    anchored down.
  • Any wood placed on the ice can not be pressure treated. We care about protecting our lake from foreign substances and undesirable chemicals, and pressure treated wood on the lake surface causes a risk of undesirable chemicals entering the water.
  • The maximum height for any wood structure on the lake is 2 feet

  • Lighting
  • Any lights used on the rinks (including power supply/cords) must be moveable at all times, and stored on land when not in use.
  • Lights must be turned off no later than the SSRA turns their rink lighting off.
  • Lights can not affect other residents negatively, so please be aware and considerate of the direction lights are facing, and how it may affect your neighbors.

  • Size
  • Rinks should not extend past the width of a resident’s property so that they do not negatively affect neighboring properties.
  • Cleared surfaces may not be within 9 meters (30 ft) of any SSRA maintained area. For clarity on what areas the SSRA maintains, please consult the map on the back page of this document.
    Please remember that even though a surface may not currently be cleared by the SSRA, there still may be plans to add that surface. For example, though the SSRA has yet to prepare the large skating loop, we plan to do so in the near future.
  • Cleared surfaces must be small enough that they can be maintained by hand, because as previously stated, no gas-powered equipment is allowed on the ice unless it is owned and operated by the SSRA.

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Anyone using the lake for any purpose, including clearing lake surfaces off for skating, or using these lake surfaces does so at their own risk.
  • Those who chose to create these surfaces must do so knowing that they face full financial responsibility if the creation or use of these areas damages SSRA property in any way. SSRA staff time may also be billed to the individual residents in any applicable situations.
  • All users, including those with Lake Front and Lake Access homes, must follow all SSRA Rules and regulations at all times. Users are also responsible for following all laws, bylaws, and public health orders at all times. This would also apply to any guests accessing the lake through
    resident’s property, or lake access paths, once Public Health orders allow guests to do so.
  • Under current Public Health restrictions users must take responsibility that they are only interacting closely with members of the same household. Users are required to maintain 2m of physical distance from those who are not part of their household at all times while on all
    SSRA property, including while skating or participating in hockey-based activity.
  • The SSRA may change the rules and regulations as needed at any time. Residents are responsible for keeping up to date on all current park rules, including those related to clearing sections of the lake for skating.

  • SSRA Property
  • It is important to remember that the lake is the property of the SSRA. The SSRA reserves the right to close any section of the lake to resident use if it deems it necessary to do so, with no prior notice.
  • The SSRA reserves the right to remove items from the lake without notice if it deems it necessary to do so because these items do not follow the existing rules. The SSRA may also remove items if they cause safety concerns, lake health concerns, or if concerns occur related to the enjoyment or experience of other users.
  • The SSRA staff reserves the right to ask for activities on the lake to cease immediately and/ or ask users to leave the property if individuals are not following SSRA or Public Health rules, including if users are not following physical distancing rules.
  • Once the SSRA announces the closure date of the lake skating surfaces at the end of the skating season, all resident property must be removed by that date.

  • Grandfathering
  • The SSRA understands that some areas cleared by residents were done so before this release that clarifies and reinforces SSRA rules related to lake areas cleared by residents.
  • The SSRA will, as needed, be reaching out individually to residents of who have cleared sections of the lake, but may be in violation of these rules and regulations. The SSRA will then work to create the best possible reasonable solution, as deemed by the SSRA, with these individuals for
    the rest of this winter season
  • We understand that during this unprecedented time, and with these current restrictions, individuals can be commended for looking for sources of recreation and enjoyment while still staying safe. Our aim is to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone and remain open through the winter season, while also protecting our lake.

  • We ask that you assist us by remaining diligent in following all SSRA rules and current Public Health orders.
  • We thank you for your understanding. Let’s all continue to work together
    to keep people in Summerside safe, both in our park and outside of it!

  • If you have any questions, please contact the office by calling 780-497 7558, or by emailing

  • Thanks
    SSRA Management and Board of Directors