May 11,2021

Summer Plan 2021

Hi Summerside!

We are excited to announce our Summer 2021 plans! Though we are excited to see you back at the beach in our busy season, we must continue to follow all public health orders, and AHS requirements.

Our goal continues to be to maintain a safe environment for everyone, and by doing so, be able to maintain our ability to remain open through the summer months. In order to do this, as a community,we need to remember that, not only are we all in this together, but you are in this with your neighbours! Remaining diligent with physical distancing, and all other Public Health requirements is critical, along with following and respecting the regulations the SSRA has put in place at this time.

Below are the details of our upcoming rules and regulations for the start of the 2021 summer season. Please note that though we have had discussion with AHS, we may have to alter and adjust specifics of our operating plan as public health orders change, or new information is provided to us.

HOURS OF OPERATIONS – starting Friday May 21st for Beach Club & Entry Park

•Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

•Beach Club Park Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00 am – 9:30 pm

•Entry Park Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

While accessing Entry Park, residents must abide by physical distancing restrictions at all times.


Park access will remain on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on our capacity of 375. Our staff reserve the right to stop checking in people at any time they view distancing guidelines start to become a challenge or when we’ve hit capacity.

In our experience last year, the park was very well used but rarely reached maximum capacity for time frames that caused waits at the gate longer than 10 minutes. We’ll continue to analyze the usage and adjust our policies accordingly.

If you are curious about the current entry status at the park, you can call the gatehouse at 780-756-6772.


With the limited park capacity, we once again wanted to create the balance of allowing some guest access while continuing to prioritize our residents use.

Therefore, from Monday-Thursday, there will be 50 bookable spots for guests throughout the day. Households may bring up to 2 guests (if booked), and may do so once per week. Guests are not permitted on Fridays, weekends, or long weekends. Guests are defined as anyone who isn’t a Lake Summerside resident – regardless of age and they must arrive and leave with resident. PLEASE NOTE: booking a guest does not include priority or guaranteed access to the park. Park entry is on a first come-first serve basis.

Guest bookings will open Saturday May 22nd for guest access starting Tuesday May 25th. They can be booked up to 3 days in advance starting at 10:00am. Reservations will close at 8:00 pm, the evening prior, or once the guest list has filled.

The exception to the guest restriction will be for those who live alone, defined by being the only resident registered on the property. Those living alone may bring 1 guest at any time, without pre-booking. In order to bring more then 1 guest, the resident living alone must use the booking system.

Please ensure everyone living in your household is registered with our office, because there will be no exceptions made at the gate. To confirm who is registered in our system on the property, please contact our office at 780-497-7558.

In consideration of other residents who may want to reserve guest spaces, please contact the SSRA office at 780-497-7558, or email if you need to cancel your reservation. Repeated no-shows may result in restricting a household’s guest access. 

The age of entry without supervision remains the age of 14 years old until further notice.


Head over to our website,

Go to the ‘Reservations Tab’ and click on the booking link to be directed

•Click on the date available. Reserve by clicking on ‘Tickets’

•The ticket information appears. From the drop-down choose 1 or 2, then select Register

•You will receive an email order confirmation, and your reservation will be attached in a PDF that you can print or view on your mobile phone.

Our guest policy, and age of entry will continue to be reviewed throughout the summer, and we will adjust our policy according based on park usage and current public health restrictions.


Staff will evict anyone failing to follow public health orders. Extended loss of entry privileges may also result. Let’s all respect one-another, and the gift of enjoying the lake this summer. Residents must also follow physical distancing requirements when using shared access docks.


We’re so excited to be able to offer access to all of our watercraft this year! Boat rentals will start June 1st. Distancing remains the most important aspect of what we need to control, and we have to maintain the proper physical distance at all times. In order to meet these public health requirements on our docks, we have put in a booking system to enable the controls of the boat flow in and out, and allow for time to properly clean the boats and paddles. Residents will continue to be allowed to bring in their own non-motorized watercraft for personal use.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer our lifejackets – therefore you must supply your own when renting our watercraft. Life jackets are unable to be provided because of the material they are made of can’t properly be cleaned and dried between users, thus COVID cleaning requirements can’t be met.


•Up to 2 watercraft or one paddle boat may be rented per household and can be booked in advance, up to 3 days before the desired booking time.  

•Guests will be allowed to rent boats if pre-booked by the resident who must also be present on the water for the duration of the rental.

•Multiple households are not permitted onto the same paddleboat, canoe, kayak or fishing boat unless they are part of the same cohort.

•The physical membership card is required for watercraft rental.


Head over to our website,

Go to the ‘Reservations Tab’ and click on the booking link to be directed

•Select your desired watercraft rental

•Choose your date and select the time. Reservations are booked up to 3 days in advanced.

•Enter your contact information and click NEXT on the bottom right.

•Booking complete! You should receive a confirmation email shortly.

•Call our Gatehouse at 780 756 6772 if you have any questions or have not received a confirmation email for verification.


Our fishing dock will be open with 45-minute time slot bookings starting Friday May 21st. Bookings are currently necessary on our Fishing dock in order to ensure public health distancing requirements are being met. Each time slot is limited to one household at a time and they may be booked once per household, per day. Fishing will also be permitted by boat, in the cove in the park, and at Entry Park.

A reminder that the Fishing Agreement and Acknowledge form must be signed every year and prior to fishing. The forms have moved electronically via a QR code located at check in and entry park gates. Hover your smart phone over the code to be directed to the form.


Head over to our website,

Go to the ‘Reservations Tab’ and click on the booking link to be directed

•Select Fishing Dock

•Choose your date and select the time. Reservations are booked up to 3 days in advanced.

•Enter your contact information and click NEXT on the bottom right.

•Booking complete! You should receive a confirmation email shortly.

•Call our Gatehouse at 780 756 6772 if you have any questions or have not received a confirmation email for verification.


Our multipurpose room and indoor washrooms will open Friday May 21st. Access to these areas will be available from 12pm – 8pm daily. There will be staff monitoring entry and exit points to make sure distancing requirements are being met. Masks must be worn at all times if entering the indoor space as per the applicable public health rules and City of Edmonton Bylaws.

Outdoor portable toilets and hand wash stations will also be available for use.


Our recreational equipment will be offered for rental starting May 21st. Rentals will occur from a station set up at the garage style door of the multipurpose room, and will be available from 12pm – 8pm daily. All equipment will be cleaned between users.


At this time, BBQ pits will remain CLOSED until further notice.


Prohibited items include alcohol, cannabis, glass, and firewood. Anyone caught with prohibited items may be asked to leave, and a potential suspension of park privileges will be reviewed by SSRA Management.

As previously mentioned, our aim is to continue create a safe environment for everyone and remain open through the summer. Because of this we will have staff observing and providing physical distancing reminders as needed.

The health and safety of our residents and employees continues to be our main priority, and we will continue to follow all guidance from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. We will continue to adjust these policies as new information and guidance becomes available. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Let’s all continue to work together to keep people in Summerside safe, both in our park and outside of it!

See you at the beach!