March 24, 2021

Lake Update

Hi Summerside!

We wanted to take the time to update the community that throughout the winter season, we’ve been working with contracted biologists and have been extensively discussing solutions to decrease plant and algae growth in the summer months. We value their education, experience and expertise, and will continue to follow the recommendations that they give to us.

We’re looking forward to sharing more details about our plans with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we can talk about one small initiative of this plan that will be starting immediately. The SSRA staff will be putting a layer of rock around all Lake Summerside owned docks.

The potential benefits, according to our biologists, are that the rock can help reduce plant and algae growth by changing the substrate in these areas. It will also have aesthetic benefits, make for an easier lake cleaning process and bind phosphorus which could further help reduce vegetation growth.

We are committed to doing everything we can to make sure the lake continues to be a beautiful centerpiece of our community. We look forward to releasing more information from our biologists in the upcoming weeks about the full strategy for the 2021 season. Stay tuned.